IST - Transformations & Isometries (2022)

Venue: IISER, Kolkata

Dates: 6 Jun 2022 to 18 Jun 2022


Name: Somnath Basu Shibananda Biswas Sushil Gorai
Mailing Address: Associate Professor,
IISER Kolkata
Associate Professor
IISER Kolkata
Assistant Professor
IISER Kolkata
Email: somnath.basu at shibananda at sushil.gorai at

Please Note:  Participants have to arrange for their own travel.

This instructional school is aimed at college and university teachers, specializing in mathematics. We aim to cover the topic of isometry from several different points of view. Isometry (and symmtery) is an ubiquitous concept in science that is especially important in mathematics. We want to highlight seemingly different manifestations of isometry in three separate contexts, broadly connected to the three classical geometries: plane, hyperbolic and spherical.