Advanced Training in Mathematics Schools in 2020

Annual Foundation Schools Instructional Schools for Lecturers Advanced Instructional Schools Workshops Teacher's Enrichment Workshop


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Please note that the last date for receipt of applications for all the schools should be 4 and half months before the programme begins.


No. Programme


Last Date of

Venue Organizers
Annual Foundation Schools
355  AFS - I  4th - 30th, May  15th Feb
 IIT Patna Ashish Kumar Upadhyay
Om Prakash
356  AFS - I 4th - 30th, May 15th Feb SGGS
Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded
Anant R. Shastri
Arunkumar R. Patil
Instructional Schools for Teachers
Advanced Instructional Schools
353  Advanced Linear Algebra 11th - 30th, May 15th Mar  Indian Statistical Institute,
Jaydeb Sarkar
Rajesh Sharma
351 Global Homotopy Theory 10th - 14th, Feb 30th Oct
Department of Mathematics,
IIT Bombay
Rekha Santhanam
Samik Basu
 352 Commutative Algebra 11th- 23th, May  15th Feb
IIT Bombay J. K. Verma
Tony Joseph Puthenpurakal
 Teacher’s Enrichment Workshop
 354 Analysis and Algebra  11th- 16th, May   30th Mar Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai,
Tamil Nadu
R. Vennila
B. Ramakrishnan
 357 Algebra & Discrete Mathematics  25th - 30th, May 27th Apr Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi K.N. Raghavan
R. Ratha Jeyalakshmi