Annual Foundation School -I (2017) - Delhi - Speakers and syllabus


Sr. Speaker Affiliation Topic
1 Prof. Parvati Shastri (MU) Algebra
2 Dr. Amala Bhave (JNU)
3 Dr. Shanta Laishram (ISI D)
4 Dr. Satyanaran Reddy (SNU)
1 Dr. Manoj Verma (JNU) Complex Analysis
2 Dr. Alok Maharana (IISER, Mohali)
3 Dr. Swaminathan (IIT Roorckee)
4 Dr. Sivananthan Sampath (IITD)
1 Prof. A. Shastri (IITB) Topology
2 Dr. Tiken (NEHU)
3 Dr. Ashish Upadhyaya (IITP)



Sr Tutors Affiliation
1  Dr. Shravan Kumar (IITD)
2  Dr. Amit Priyadarshi (IITD)
3  Dr. Prosenjit Roy (IITD)
4  Mr. Vishvesh Kumar (IITD)
5 Mr. Abhay (IITD)
6 Ms. Divya Goel (IITD)
7 Mr. Abhilash (IITD)

 Five more Tutors are expected from outside (will be updated later).

Time Table

Day Date Lecture 1 Tea Lecture 2 Lunch Tutorial Tea
    9:30-11:00   11:30-13:00   15:00-17:00  
MON Dec 4 MV   AS   (complex)  
TUE Dec 5 AS   PS   (topology)  
WED Dec 6 PS   MV   (algebra)  
THU Dec 7 MV   AS   (complex)  
FRI Dec 8 AS   PS   (topology)  
SAT Dec 9 PS   MV   (algebra)  
SUN Dec 10 H O L I D A Y
MON Dec 11 TS   AM   (complex)  
TUE Dec 12 AM   AB   (algebra)  
WED Dec 13 TS   AM   (topology)  
THU Dec 14 AM   AB   (complex)  
FRI Dec 15 AB   TS   (algebra)  
SAT Dec 16 AB   TS   (topology)  
SUN Dec 17 H O L I D A Y
MON Dec 18 SA   TS   (topology)  
TUE Dec 19 TS   SR   (algebra)  
WED Dec 20 SR   SA   (complex)  
THU Dec 21 SA   TS   (topology)  
FRI Dec 22 TS   SR   (algebra)  
SAT Dec 23 SR   SA   (complex)  
SUN Dec 24 H O L I D A Y
MON Dec 25 AU   SS   (topology)  
TUE Dec 26 SS   SL   (complex)  
WED Dec 27 SL   AU   (algebra)  
THU Dec 28 AU   SS   (topology)  
FIR Dec 29 SS   SL   (complex)  
SAT Dec 30 SL   AU   (algebra)  

AS: A. Shastri, PS: P. Shastri, MV: Manoj Verma, AM: Alok Maharana, TS: Tiken Singh, SL:Shanta Laishram, SA:Swaminathan Anbhu, SR: Satyanarayana Reddy, AB: Amala Bhave, AU:
Ashish Upadhyaya, SS: Sivananthan Sampath.

1. M. Artin, Algebra, 2nd Edition, Prantice Hall India, 2014.
2. G. F. Simons, Introduction to Topology and Modern Analysis, Tata McGraw Hill, 2004.
3. M. A. Armstrong, Basic Topology, Springer, 1983.
4. E. M. Stein and R. Shakarchi, Complex Analysis, Princeton Lectures in Analysis II, 2003.