Annual Foundation School -I (2017) - Selected Applicants

 In view of the large number of applications received at IITD center, NCM is planning to hold a fourth center for AFS-I in and around Delhi.  If this plan is realized, the participants  for this center will be selected out of the remaining applications for IITD center.  Therefore, please keep looking for this announcement at this place for a couple of days.  Aspiring candidates may make their travel arrangements well in advance, to make sure that they can attend the program, if selected.


The selected candidates  have to confirm their participation on or before 20th August 2017. All communications should accompany SID numbers and the center name without which the communication will be ignored.
2. Each confirmation should accompany  scanned copy of the forward journey ticket, wherever applicable.
3. Confirmation should be sent to with a copy to
4. Please note that after 21st August 2017, List -1 and List -2 (the wait-list) will be treated on par and  the selection will be based on first-cum-first-served-basis,  based on receipt of the confirmation, till a maximum of 50 participants.
5. If you decide to drop out of the program anytime after sending your confirmation, please send this information to the above addresses, so that the next candidate may get a chance.
6. The web page will be updated only once a week for the purpose of showing  the receipt of your confirmation, which you may check-there is no need to keep communicating on this matter.

We also would like to inform the following to all selected candidates:

Selected  candidates should read the following materials before coming to the program:

1. First five chapters of M. Artin's book `Algebra'
2. First three chapters of G. Simmon's book: Introduction to Topology and Modern Analysis'.
3. First two chapters of Anant Shastri's book ` Basic Complex Analysis'.

*CS = Confirmation Recieved from candidate
*HR = Hardcopy Recieved from candidate

IITD Center

Sr SID Full Name Gender Affiliation Position in College/ University University/Institute M.Sc./ M.A. Year of Passing M.Sc./ M.A Ph.D. Degree Date CS HR
1 13423 Mrs. Prachi Gupta Female University of delhi PhD University of Delhi 2014      
2 13486 Ms. Manisha Saini Female University of Delhi PhD University of Delhi 2012      y
3 13522 Mr. H Imo Mani Singha Male Assam University MPhil Assam University Silchar 2015      y
4 13549 Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh Male Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad PhD Kisan P.G College Bahraich 2014      
5 13569 Mr. Sajan Aggarwal Male Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi PhD IIT Delhi 2014    y  y
6 13652 Ms. Chanchal Garodia Female Jamia Millia Islamia PhD Student University of Delhi 2014    y y
7 13733 Mr. Shivam Omar Male University Of Allahabad Ph. D. C. S. J. M. University, Kanpur 2011      y
8 13797 Mr. Shesh Kumar Pandey Male University Of Delhi PhD M.Sc. 2014    y  y
9 13815 Mrs. Rajni Rohila Female IIT Roorkee PH.D. C.C.S. University 2010      y
10 13924 Mr. Md Hasanuzzaman Male AMU PhD AMU 2015      
11 13926 Ms. Barkha Kashyap Female Department of mathematics PhD scholar university of delhi 2013      y
12 13938 Ms. Neeru Bala Female IIT, Hyderabad PhD University Of Delhi 2015   y  
13 13944 Mr. Sonu Ram Male University Of Delhi PhD KUK 2011      
14 13972 Ms Gunjan Singh Female University Of Delhi PhD M.J.P.R.U. Bareilly 2009      y
15 14039 Mr Mani Shankar Pandey Male IIT
Ph.D. University Of Lucknow 2015      y
16 14041 Mr Rahul Maurya Male IIT
Ph,D BHU 2014   y  y
17 14188 Ms Jagadeeswari M Female NIT, Tiruchirappalli PhD Kongu Arts and Science College, Erode. 2012      y
18 14251 Ms. Kanika Sood Female Central University of Himachal Pradesh PhD Student Central University of Himachal Pradesh 2015      y
19 14280 Mr. Pawan Kumar Male University Of Allahabad Research Sc C. S. J. M. University, Kanpur 2011   y  y
20 14300 Mr. Rojit Singh Ngangom Male NEHU PhD M.Sc 2012   y  y
21 14332 Mr. Ankush Chanda Male NIT Durgapur PhD National Institute of Technology Durgapur 2014      y
22 14357 Mr. Mohammad Asim Male Aligarh Muslim University PhD Aligarh Muslim University 2014      y
23 14368 Ms Tanusri Senapati Female National Institute of Technology Durgapur PhD Jadavpur University 2012      y
24 14394 Mr Saravana Sankar K Male Bishop Heber College PhD Bishop Heber College 2015      y
25 14537 Mr. Aijaz Ahmad Malla Male University of Kashmir, Srinagar. Ph.D Student University of Kashmir, Srinagar. 2013      
26 14636 Ms. Deepika Rajoriya Female Dr. Harisingh Gour Central University Ph.D. Student Dr. Harisingh Gour central University 2016      y
27 14649 Ms. Henna Altaf Female Aligarh Muslim University PhD Aligarh Muslim University 2016      y
28 14650 Ms. Arifa Naz Female AMU PhD AMU 2016      y
29 14712 Ms. Hira Fatima Female AMU Ph.D AMU 2015    y  y
30 14725 Ms. Ambreen Naaz Female AMU PhD CCS University, Meerut 2012    y  y
31 14727 Mr. Praveen Kumar Male AMU PhD CCS UNIVERSITY, MEERUT 2011      
32 14763 Mr. Ram Surat Chauhan Male BHU PhD Dr. Ram manohar Lohia Avadh University Faizabad 2015      
33 14772 Mrs. Vishakha Jadaun Female University of Delhi Ph.D. Dr. BRAU, Agra 2010      y
34 14774 Mr. Prashant Kumar Pandey Male IIT BHU Ph.d. Student BHU 2014   y  
35 14800 Ms. Ruqaiyya Fatma Female Aligarh Muslim University Phd Jamia Millia Islamia 2014 Jan 5, 2017   y
36 14810 Mr. Harendra Kumar Male Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University) PhD Deen Dayal Upadhayaya Gorakhpur University 2014      
37 14815 Ms. Atiya Perveen Female Aligarh Muslim University PhD ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY 2015    y  y
38 14867 Mr Mohammad Arif Male Aligarh Muslim University PhD Aligarh, muslim university, aligarh 2012     y
39 14876 Mr. Bhanu Pratap Yadav Male IIT Patna Ph.D M.Sc 2014      
40 14890 Mr. Vikash Kumar Gupta Male IIT Hyderabad PhD BHU 2015      
41 14921 Mr Kushal Dhar Dwivedi Male I.I.T(BHU) Varanasi Ph.D Deen Dayal Upadhyay gorakhpur university 2015      
42 14976 Mr. Sheetal Luthra Male University Of Delhi PhD student University Of Delhi 2015      y
43 14978 Ms. Jasbir Kaur Female Punjabi University,Patiala Ph.D.(JRF) Punjabi University Patiala/M.Sc. 2014    y  y
44 15005 Mr. Puspendu Pradhan Male NISER Bhubaneswar PhD student Vidyasagar University 2016      
45 15040 Mr. Shubham Jaiswal Male Department of Mathematical Science, IIT (BHU) PhD Kumaon University, Nainital 2011      
46 15071 Mr.munnu Sonkar Male IIT Hyderabad PhD IIT Hyderabad 2015      y
47 15095 Ms. Swati Yadav Female IIT (BHU) Varanasi PhD University of Lucknow 2015      y
48 15097 Ms Vinita Devi Female IIT(BHU) Ph.D. GURUKUL KANGRI UNIVERSITY 2014      
49 15098 Mr. Md Ahmadullah Male Aligarh Muslim University PhD Aligarh Muslim University 2012      
50 15134 Mr. Abhishek Singh Male Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) PhD VBS Purvanchal University Jaunpur 2013      
51 13479 Mr. Vishal Pradhan Male ABV-IIITM Gwalior PhD South Asian University 2015      y
52 13577 Mr. Shakeel Ahmad Naikoo Male Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh PhD Aligarh Muslim University        
53 14016 Mr. Shahnawaz Ahmad Rather Male Central University of Jammu Ph.D. Kashmir University 2012     y
54 14037 Ms. Shivani Shukla Female Invertis University PhD Student M.J.P.Rohailkhand University Bareilly 2015      y
55 14211 Mr Ab Rashid Mir Male University of Kashmir Phd University of Kashmir 2012      y
56 14359 Mr. Arun Kumar Male Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh Ph.D. M.Sc. 2013      y
57 14412 Mr. Mohd Zeeshan Male Aligarh Muslim University PhD Scholar Aligarh Muslim University 2015      y
58 14562 Ms. Darshana Badrubhai Likhada Female Department of Mathematics
Sardar Patel University
PhD student Department of Mathematics, Sardar Patel University 2015      y
59 14672 Ms. Aarti Keshorao Patle Female visvesvaraya national institute of technology PhD VNIT NAGPUR 2014      y
60 14819 Mr Shivam Bajpeyi Male visvesvaraya national institute of technology PhD Visvesvaraya National Institute Of Technology Nagpur 2016     y