Annual Foundation School -I (2016) - IIT Guwahati -Speakers and Syllabus

Module-wise List of Speakers: For Algebra and Complex Analysis, each of the four modules consists of 6 lecture hours and 4 tutorial hours. For Topology, module-2 will consist of 6 lecture hours and 4 tutorial hours, while each of the remaining two modules will consist of 9 lecture hours and 6 tutorial hours.


  • [Module 1] Dr. Rupam Barman (IITG)
  • [Module 2] Dr. Ritumoni Sarma (IITD)
  • [Module 3]Prof. Dilip P. Patil (IISc)
  • [Module 4]Prof. J. K. Verma (IITB)

Complex Analysis

  • [Module 1] Prof. M. Guru Prem Prasad (IITG)
  • [Module 2] Dr. Vijay M. Patankar (JNU)
  • [Module 3]Dr. Manoj Verma (JNU)
  • [Module 4]Dr. Diganta Borah (IISER, Pune)


  • [Module 1]Dr. PASS Krishna (IITG)
  • [Module 2]Dr. Amit Priyadarshi (IITD)
  • [Module 3]Dr. K. V. Srikanth (IITG)


  1. Dr. Anupam Singh (IISER, Pune)
  2. Dr. Raj Bhavan Yadav (NIIT University, Rajasthan)
  3. Naba Kanta Sarma (Assam University, Silchar)
  4. Swapnendu Panda (IITG)
  5. Madhusudan Bera (IITG)

A tentative time-table
L stands for lecture hour (1.5 hr) , T for tutorial (1 hr)

Day Date Lecture 1 (09.30-11.00) Tea (11.00) Lecture 2 (11.30-01.00) Lunch (01.00-02.30) Tutorial (02.30-4.30) Tea (4.30)
   Lecture Subject (speaker)                           Lecture Subject (Speaker)                           Tutorial subject(speaker/tutors)                          
Thu 1.12.2016 Complex (MGPP) Topology (PK) Complex (MGPP) (MB)
Fri 2.12.2016 Topology (PK) Algebra (RB) Algebra (RB)(NKS)
Sat 3.12.2016 Complex (MGPP) Algebra (RB) Topology (PK)(SP)
Mon 5.12.2016 Complex (MGPP) Topology (PK) Complex (MGPP) (MB)
Tue 6.12.2016 Complex (MGPP) Algebra (RB) Algebra (RB)(NKS)
Wed 7.12.2016 Topology (PK) Algebra (RB) Topology (PK)(SP)
Thu 8.12.2016 Complex (VP) Algebra (RS) Complex (VP)(MV)
Fri 9.12.2016 Topology (PK) Complex (VP) Algebra (RS)(NKS)
Sat 10.12.2016 Algebra (RS) Complex (VP) Topology (PK)(SP)
Mon 12.12.2016 Algebra (RS) Topology (PK) Complex (VP)(MV)
Tue 13.12.2016 Complex (VP) Topology (AP) Algebra (RS)(NKS)
Wed 14.12.2016 Topology (AP) Algebra (RS) Topology (AP)(RY)
Thu 15.12.2016 Complex (MV) Algebra (DP) Complex (MV)(VP)
Fri 16.12.2016 Topology (AP) Complex (MV) Algebra (DP)(NKS)
Sat 17.12.2016 Algebra (DP) Complex (MV) Topology (AP)(RY)
Mon 19.12.2016 Algebra (DP) Topology (AP) Complex (MV)(VP)
Tue 20.12.2016 Complex (MV) Topology (KS) Algebra (DP)(NKS)
Wed 21.12.2016 Algebra (DP) Topology (KS) Topology (KS)(RY)
Thu 22.12.2016 Complex (DB) Algebra (JKV) Complex (DB)(MV)
Fri 23.12.2016 Topology (KS) Complex (DB) Algebra (JKV)(AS)
Sat 24.12.2016 Algebra (JKV) Complex (DB) Topology (KS)(RY)
Mon 26.12.2016 Algebra (JKV) Topology (KS) Complex (DB)(MV)
Tue 27.12.2016 Complex (DB) Topology (KS) Algebra (JKV)(AS)
Wed 28.12.2016 Topology (KS) Algebra (JKV) Topology (KS)(RY)
  • (MGPP) Prof. M. Guru Prem Prasad
  • (VP) Dr. Vijay Patankar
  • (MV) Dr. Manoj Verma
  • (JKV) Prof. Jugal Kishore Verma
  • (RS) Dr. Ritumoni Sarma
  • (PK) Dr. PASS Krishna
  • (KS) Dr. K. V. Srekanth
  • (DB) Dr. Diganta Borah
  • (AP) Dr. Amit Priyadarshi
  • (DP) Prof. Dilip P. Patil
  • (RB) Dr. Rupam Barman
  • (AS) Dr. Anupam Singh
  • (NKS) Naba Kanta Sarma
  • (RY) Dr. Raj Bhawan Yadav
  • (SP) Swapnendu Panda


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  2. G. F. Simmons, Introduction to Topology and Modern Analysis, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2004.
  3. M. A. Armstrong, Basic Topology, Springer.
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