Annual Foundation School -I (2016) - IIT Guwahati - Selected Applicants


  1. This is the First list of selected candidates which is Tentative. Soon, we shall also announce a wait-list. The final list will appear sometimes later after all formalities are completed.
  2. Selection of candidates is subject to NCM office receiving
    (a) The copy of (properly stamped and countersigned) hard copy of the registration form and confirmation of the participation by the selected candidate.
    (c) (Only in case train/air journey is involved) a scanned copy of the forward journey ticket to the venue of the centre.
  3. The selection is strictly compiling with (2) above on a first-cum-first served basis.
  4. Please note that copy of the above confirmation (b) message should be also sent to and the respective organizers.
  5. Please understand that the priority of those selected in the I-list ends as soon as the II list is announced. So, hurry up to send your confirmation. 
  6. All correspondences regarding AFS-I should be accompanied with the SID number of the candidate. All queries and requests should be addressed to local organizers.
  7. The selection status will appear updated from time to time on the website.
  8. Even the wait-listed candidates are adviced to book their forward train journey ticket (wherever applicable), so that they will not miss the chance for non-availabilty of train tickets.


Sr SID Full Name Gender Affiliation Position in College/ University University/ Institute M.Sc./ M.A. Year of Passing M.Sc./ M.A Confirmation received
1 8635 Mr Bikash Chakraborty Male University Of Kalyani Phd University Of Kalyani 2013 y
2 8645 Mr Kocherlakota Satya Pritam Male Bits Pilani, Pilani Campus Phd University Of Hyderbad 2014 y
3 8685 Ms Sandhyatai Digambarrao Kadam Female Swami Ramand Teerth Marathwada University Phd Swami Ramand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded 2013
4 8722 Ms. Poonam Kanhaiyalal Agrawal Female Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University Phd Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded. 2012  
5 8780 Mr. Kuldeep Sarma Male Tezpur University Phd Student Tezpur University 2015 y
6 8828 Ms. Pramila Kumari Prajapati Female Gauhati University Research Scholar Gauhati University 2011 y
7 8982 Mr. Kapil Roy Male University Of North Bengal Ph.D. University Of North Bengal 2012  
8 9027 Mr. Siddhartha Biswas Male Indian Institute Of Engineering Science And Technology Phd IIT, Bombay 2013 y
9 9048 Dr. Soumen Shaw Male Dinabandhu Andrews College Assistant Professor Iiest, Shibpur 2007  
10 9082 Dr. Uday Shankar Chakraborty Male Assam University, Silchar Assistant Professor Assam University, Silchar 2004 y
11 9121 Mr. Birinchi Kumar Boruah Male Pass Out Student From Tezpur University Msc Passed Student Tezpur University 2015  y
12 9217 Mr. Nazeer Ansari Male North Eastern Regional Institute Of Science And Technology Phd Tezpur University 2015 y
13 9226 Mr. Ajay Sharma Male Tezpur University Phd Tezpur University 2015  y
14 9260 Ms. Sakshi Gupta Female IIT Gandhinagar Phd Panjab University, Chandigarh 2016 y
15 9263 Mr Ashutosh Pandey Male IISER Bhopal Integrated Phd Student IISER Bhopal Appeared / Awaiting Result  
16 9269 Mr. Prabhat Kumar Pankaj Male IISER Msc Student Integrated Ms Appeared / Awaiting Result y
17 9289 Mr. Pankaj Dey Male IISER ,Thiruvananthapuram Integrated Phd,2nd Year IISER,Thiruvananthapuram Appeared / Awaiting Result y
18 9290 Mr. Soumitra Das Male North-Eastern Hill University Phd Student North-Eastern Hill University 2012  y
19 9291 Mr. Rishabh Sarma Male Indian Institute Of Technology, Guwahati Msc Student      y
20 9294 Mr. Adarsh Anand Male Institute Of Science ,BHU Student      
21 9295 Mr. Ayush Gupta Male Institute Of Science BHU Student      
22 9323 Mr. Anindya Ganguly Male NIT Durgapur Phd IIITKharagpur 2016  
23 9325 Mr. Ravinder Singh Male IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Msc Student     y
24 9326 Mr. Kiran Kumar A S Male IISER, Thiruvananthapuram Bs-Ms Dual Degree Student IISER Thiruvananthapuram    y
25 9350 Mr. Rahul Arora Male N.A N.A S.C.D Government College 2008 y
26 9393 Master Neetal Neel Male Chennai Mathematical Institute Msc Student      
27 9409 Mr. Bilal Ahmad Wani Male Aligarh Muslim University Phd University Of Kashmir 2012 y
28 9424 Mr Aritra Kumar Bhaduri Male IIT, Gandhinagar Msc Student      y
29 9464 Mr Swapnil Deepak Malegaonkar Male Hyderabad Central University Student Hyderabad Central University 2015 y
30 9557 Mr. Pabitra Narayan Mandal Male University Of Hyderabad Phd School Of Mathematics And Statistics, University Of Hyderabad 2016  
31 9236 Mr. Saikat Roy           y
32 9109 Mr. Harshit Mathur           y