ATMW Lie Groups (2015) - Selected Applicants

List of selected applicants:


Sr SID Full Name Gender Affiliation State Position in College/ University University/ Institute M.Sc./M.A. Ph.D. Deg Date
1 483 Mr Mithun Bhowmik Male Indian Statistical Institute West Bengal PhD IIT- Kanpur  
2 486 Mr. Rohit Kumar Mishra Male TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics, Karnataka PhD Student Tata Institute of Fundamental Research- Centre For Applicable Mathematics  
3 553 Mr. Mahendra Kumar Verma Male IIT Bombay Maharashtra PhD University of Allahabad  
4 563 Dr. Shameek Paul Male Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences Maharashtra Research Associate University of Mumbai 7/1/2012
5 584 Mr. Amiya Kumar Mondal Male IIT Bombay Maharashtra Research Associate Jadavpur University/ M.Sc.  
6 627 Dr. Suparna Sen Female Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata West Bengal INSPIRE Faculty Indian Institute of Science 3 yr MS 3/18/2011
7 645 Mr Muna Naik Male Indian Statistical Institute West Bengal Phd Scholar    
8 654 Ms. Ayesha Fatima Female IISER Pune Maharashtra PhD (2nd year) IISER Pune  
9 698 Ms. Lakshmi Lavanya Ramamurthy Female Indian Institute of Science Karnataka Postdoctoral Research Fellow Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, University of Madras 4/29/2013
10 720 Mr Arghya Mondal Male Institute of Mathematical Sciences Tamil Nadu PhD Institute of Mathematical Sciences  
11 734 Mr. Makarand Sanjay Sarnobat Male IISER Pune Maharashtra PhD Sir Parshurambhau College M.Sc  
12 761 Dr. Shiv Prakash Patel Male IIT Bombay Maharashtra Post-doctoral Fellow IIT Bombay 7/28/2014
13 771 Mr. Pralhad Mohan Shinde Male IISER Pune Maharashtra Ph.D student Pune University  
14 786 Mr. Avijit Nath Male Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Tamil Nadu Phd Ramakrishna Vivekananda University  
15 793 Mr. Sushil Bhunia Male IISER Pune Maharashtra PhD Jadavpur University  
16 795 Ms. Manidipa Pal Female IISER PUNE Maharashtra Ph.D IIT Bombay  
17 863 Mr. Sayan Bagchi Male Indian Institute of Science Karnataka junior research associate Indian Institute of Science  
18 -
Anuradha Nebhani
Female IIT Bombay  Maharashtra Research Associate    
19 -
Radhika MM
Female IIT Bombay Maharashtra  PhD Student    
20 - Dr. Kumar Balasubramanian Male IISER Bhopal M.P Assistant Professor