Annual Foundation School - I (2015) - JECRC University, Jaipur

Venue: JECRC University, Sitapura Industrial Area, Ramchandra Pura, Jaipur-303905, Rajasthan
Date:   30th Nov to  26th Dec, 2015

Name: Dr. Ram Prakash Sharma Prof. Anant R. Shastri
Mailing Address:

Head and Professor
Department of Mathematics
JECRC University

Emeritus Fellow
Department of Mathematics,
I.I.T. Bombay,
Powai, Mumbai 4000 76.

Email: rp.sharma at anant.shastri at

Advance Training in Mathematics (ATM) Schools started by joint efforts of a large number of mathematicians across the country, with support from the National Board of Higher Mathematics and presently under National Centre for Mathematics.  The programs are conducted in reputed mathematics department in the summer and winter every year. The emphasis in these Schools is on solving problems, and on the relation between the basic areas of mathematics. The Annual Foundation Schools (AFS) and the Advanced Instructional Schools (AIS) are intended mainly for Ph.D. students and lecturers. The objectives of Annual Foundation Schools (AFS) is to bring up students with diverse background to a common acceptable level in modern mathematics so that they are prepared for attending the AIS,’s.

Any student who wishes to attend advanced instructional schools is strongly encouraged to enroll in the AFS's first.

Presently, applications are invited for participation in Annual Foundation School-I which will be held in three different locations across  country.

  • 30th Nov to 26th Dec at JECRC University, Jaipur and Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan, Pune
  • 1st Dec - 29th Dec at Tezpur University, Assam

Basic knowledge in algebra analysis and topology forms the core of all advanced instructional schools organized in this program.  The courses in AFS-I will cover basic topics in Group Theory, Analysis and Topology. Applicants who have cleared NET exam, and receiving one of the research fellowships such as NBHM/CSIR/UGC will be given top priority in the selection for AFS-I.  Please note that  for AFS-II, and AFS-III, applicants  who have attended AFS-I will be given preference in the selection procedure.