NCMW - Finite Element Analysis of Variational Problems (2024)

Venue: IIT, Bombay

Dates: 8 Jul 2024 to 13 Jul 2024


Name: Prof. Neela Nataraj Prof. Thirupathi Gudi
Mailing Address: Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay Department of Mathematics, IISc Bangalore
Email: neela at gudi at

Finite element methods (FEMs) have become an integral part in the study of numerical solutions for partial differential equations (PDEs). In real life applications emerging from engineering and physics, we often encounter PDEs that are very complex and solving them for  exact solutions is almost impossible. FEMs are popular techniques to address this effectively. The success of these methods are based on the integration of the analysis of modern PDEs and that of numerical methods. The applicability of FEMs to domains of various shapes and the convergence of these methods under pragmatic regularity are the distinct features that have been established for a vast class of PDEs. In this workshop, the aim is to discuss some salient features of FEMs for nonlinear variational problems, variational inequalities and plate problems, each of which pose challenges in  their own specific way. We plan to provide an exposure to the participants on the latest developments in the field and provide glimpses of research directions pertaining to the variational problems.