TEW - Linear Algebra, Real Analysis & Group Theory (2023)

Venue: IIT, Bombay

Dates: 20 Nov 2023 to 25 Nov 2023


Name: Prof. Ananthnarayan Hariharan Prof. Sivaji Ganesh Sista
Mailing Address: Department of Mathematics,
 IIT Bombay
 Department of Mathematics,
 IIT Bombay
Email: ananth at math.iitb.ac.in siva at math.iitb.ac.in

The aim of this workshop is to build on the content in linear algebra, real analysis, and group theory, with which most participants will be comfortable, and reach material that may not be as familiar. Understanding the interplay between linear transformations and matrices, and getting to various applications is the goal of the linear algebra sessions, whereas starting with the concepts of convergence in real numbers, moving toward functions, and applying it to differential equations will be the aim of the real analysis sessions. Finally, in group theory, the idea is to start with group actions, look at some counting problems, and work with matrix groups.

Please note that TEW is meant only for the local college teachers.

  1. While others are free to apply, it should be noted that this workshop is primarily for teachers, and their applications will be given higher preference.
  2. This workshop is meant for local participants, in particular, no accommodation is provided.


The lectures in this workshop covers specific topics which are relevant for the teachers' classroom instructions. The usual length of the TEW is 6 days.  An important component of this programme is the discussion/ tutorial hour during which the teachers will have opportunities to get their doubts cleared.