AIS - Topics in Birational Geometry (2023)

Venue: Chennai Mathematical Institute, Kelambakkam

Dates: 22 May 2023 to 3 Jun 2023


Name: Omprokash Das Krishna Hanumanthu
Mailing Address: Reader, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Homi Bhabha Rd
Mumbai 400 005
 Associate Professor, Chennai Mathematical Institute
H1, SIPCOT IT Park, Siruseri
Kelambakkam 603103
Email: omdas at krishna at

This program is intended for early Ph.D students interested in working in algebraic geometry. Some B.Sc and M.Sc students may also be able to attend depending on their background. There will be some preparatory lectures covering divisors, differentials, cohomology, blow ups, intersection products on surfaces and Riemann-Roch theorem on curves and surfaces. After that, the program will have lectures on the following topics: positivity properties of line bundles, rational curves on projective varieties, rationality properties (e.g. uniruled varieties, rational connectedness, etc), and the minimal model program.