IST - Partial Differential Equations (2022)

Venue: Tezpur University, Assam

Dates: 21 Nov 2022 to 3 Dec 2022


Name: Prof. Rajib Haloi Prof. G.D. Veerappa Gowda
Mailing Address: Department of Applied Sciences,
Tezpur University, Napaam,
Raja Ramanna Fellow
TIFR Centre for Applicable Mathematics,
Sharada Nagar,Chikkabommasandra,
Bengaluru, 560065
Email: rhaloi at, rajib.haloi at gowda at

Partial differential equations (PDE) are used to mathematically formulate many physical phenomena which involves functions of several variables, for example arising in fluid flow, propagation of heat or sound wave, elasticity, electromagnetism, image processing etc. Three fundamental equations like Laplace, wave and heat equation in addition to first order linear and non-linear PDE are considered. Also, Sobolev spaces, imbedding theorems, compactness theorems and variational problems with their applications to study PDE are included. The topics to be covered in this school are arranged in such a way that the university and college teachers get exposed to a good mix of classical theory as well as to modern approaches.