AFS-II - Annual Foundation School - II (Kolkata, 2022)

Speakers and Syllabus

The target audience are research scholars in their first or second year of Ph.D. in any university or research institute.

There will be 3 hours of lectures and 2 hours of tutorial every day from Monday to Saturday, over 6 weeks.. Sundays will be kept available for make-up sessions in case of any internet or other issues.
Applicants for AFS-II should already be familiar with the syllabus of the AFS-I schools, which is available at

Syllabus for AFS-II to be covered (each subject 16 lectures, each lecture 1.5 hour)::

  • Algebra II (Rings and Modules): Ch 10, 11, 12 of Artin's Algebra

  • Analysis II (Measure and Integration): Ch 1, 2, 3 of Rudin's Real & Complex Analysis

  • Topology II (Curves and Surfaces): Ch 1 through 11 of Pressley's Elem. Diff. Geometry

Names of the speakers:

  • Algebra II: 

    • Dr. Md. Ali Zinna (IISER K), Dr. Swarnendu Datta (IISER K) [8 lectures each]
  • Analysis II:

    • Dr. Rajib Dutta (IISER K), Dr. Arnab Jyoti Das Gupta (RKM Vidyamandira, Belur), Dr. Shirshendu Chowdhury (IISER K) [5, 6 & 5 lectures respectively]
  • Topology II:

    • Dr. Subhabrata Das (Presidency University), Dr. Somnath Basu (IISER K) [8 lectures each]

Names of the tutors/course associates:

  • Jebasingh R, Sandip Samanta, Mukilraj K, Manish Kumar, Habibur Rahaman, Subrata Majumder [all from IISER K] and the speakers.

Time Table

There will be 2 lectures (1.5 hours each) and 2 tutorials (1 hour each) per day, six days per week. There will be 4 lectures on each topic per week. A (tentative) schedule is as follows:

Lecture 1 Lecture 2 Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2
9:30-11:00 11:30-13:00 14:30-15:30 16:00-17:00
20/06 Zinna Rajib Rajib+Manish+Subrata Zinna+Jeba+Habibur
21/06 Somnath Zinna Zinna+Jeba+Habibur Somnath+Mukil+Sandip
22/06 Rajib Somnath Rajib+Manish+Subrata Somnath+Mukil+Sandip
23/06 Zinna Rajib Zinna+Jeba+Habibur Rajib+Manish+Subrata
24/06 Somnath Zinna Somnath+Mukil+Sandip Zinna+Jeba+Habibur
25/06 Rajib Somnath Somnath+Mukil+Sandip Rajib+Manish+Subrata
27/06 Zinna Rajib Rajib+Manish+Subrata Zinna+Jeba+Habibur
28/06 Somnath Zinna Zinna+Jeba+Habibur Somnath+Mukil+Sandip
29/06 Arnab Somnath Arnab+Manish+Subrata Somnath+Mukil+Sandip
30/06 Zinna Arnab Zinna+Jeba+Habibur Arnab+Manish+Subrata
01/07 Somnath Zinna Somnath+Mukil+Sandip Zinna+Jeba+Habibur
02/07 Arnab Somnath Somnath+Mukil+Sandip Arnab+Manish+Subrata
04/07 Arnab Swarnendu Arnab+Manish+Subrata Swarnendu+Jeba+Habibur
05/07 Subhabrata Swarnendu Swarnendu+Jeba+Habibur Subhabrata+Mukil+Sandip
06/07 Arnab Subhabrata Arnab+Manish+Subrata Subhabrata+Mukil+Sandip
07/07 Arnab Swarnendu Swarnendu+Jeba+Habibur Arnab+Manish+Subrata
08/07 Subhabrata Swarnendu Subhabrata+Mukil+Sandip Swarnendu+Jeba+Habibur
09/07 Shirshendu Subhabrata Subhabrata+Mukil+Sandip Shirshendu+Manish+Subrata
11/07 Shirshendu Swarnendu Shirshendu+Manish+Subrata Swarnendu+Jeba+Habibur
12/07 Subhabrata Swarnendu Swarnendu+Jeba+Habibur Subhabrata+Mukil+Sandip
13/07 Shirshendu Subhabrata Shirshendu+Manish+Subrata Subhabrata+Mukil+Sandip
14/07 Shirshendu Swarnendu Swarnendu+Jeba+Habibur Shirshendu +Manish+Subrata
15/07 Subhabrata Swarnendu Subhabrata+Mukil+Sandip Swarnendu+Jeba+Habibur
16/07 Shirshendu Subhabrata Subhabrata+Mukil+Sandip Shirshendu+Manish+Subrata




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