CONF - International Conference on Discrete Groups, Geometry and Arithmetic (2021)

Speakers and Syllabus

Confirmed speakers:

Scientific Committee:

 Organizing Committee:
Technical Committee:
  • Jugal K. Verma (IIT Bombay, Mumbai) [Convener]
  • Soumya Dey (IMSc, Chennai) [Co-convener]
  • Kriti Goel (IIT Gandhinagar) [Co-convener]
  • Dibyendu Biswas (IIT Bombay, Mumbai)
  • Saipriya Dubey (IIT Bombay, Mumbai)
  • Rahul Singh Karki (IIT Bombay, Mumbai)
  • Chayan Karmakar (IIT Bombay, Mumbai)
  • Dibyendu Mondal (IIT Bombay, Mumbai)
  • Arghya Pramanik (IIT Bombay, Mumbai)
  • Shashank Vikram Singh (IIT Bombay, Mumbai)

Time Table

Date 16:00-16:30 16:40-17:10 17:20-17:50 18:30-19:00 19:10-19:40 19:50-20:20
Aug 09 Inauguration Mozes Gelander Zaleski Rapinchuk Chernousov
Aug 10 Oh Radhika Bux Parimala Ontaneda Fisher
Aug 11 Colliot-Thélène Zannier Breuillard Goldman Shah



 Note: The timings are indicated in Indian Standard Time, which is 5 and half hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time.


  • Shahar Mozes; Surface subgroups in uniform lattices of some semisimple Lie groups.
  • Tsachik Gelander; Infinite volume and infinite injectivity radius.
  • Pavel Zalesski; The congruence subgroup problem: rank one case.
  • Igor Rapinchuk; Algebraic groups with good reduction.
  • Vladimir Chernousov; On conjugacy of Cartan subalgebras in extended affine Lie algebras and classification of torsors over Laurent polynomial rings.
  • Hee Oh; Unipotent flows on homogeneous spaces of infinite volume.
  • M.M. Radhika; The Congruence Subgroup Problem for groups of inner type An.
  • Kai-Uwe Bux; An alternative construction for the bordification of outer space.
  • Bill Goldman; Dynamics and the classification of geometries on surfaces.
  • Pedro Ontaneda; Inrtinsic rank in CAT(0) Spaces.
  • David M. Fisher; Arithmeticity, superrigidity and totally geodesic manifolds.
  • Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène; On the local-global principle for reductive groups over semi-global fields.
  • Umberto Zannier; Bounded generation in anisotropic linear groups.
  • Emmanuel Breuillard; Approximate lattices and quasi-crystals.
  • Raman Parimala; Hasse principle for simply connected groups.
  • Nimish Shah; Sharp conditions for equidistribution of translates of a subspace of a horosphere by a diagonal flow in the space of unimodular lattices.
  • Amir Mohammadi; Effective results in homogeneous dynamics.


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