AFS-I - Annual Foundation School - I (Nanded, 2020)

How To Reach

About Institute:

Established in 1981, Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology (SGGSIET), Nanded, is an Autonoumous institute of Government of Maharashtra. It is having neat, clean and green campus spread over a land of 46 acres. This Institute was identified as Center of Excellence along with three other well established organizations such as College of Engineering, Pune; VJTI, Mumbai and ICT, Mumbai in the survey conducted by Government of Maharashtra under the F. C. Kohli (Chairman, TCS) committee in 2004.

Apart from 10 undergraduate and 10 postgraduate programs institute offers Ph.D. programs in most of the areas of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences. Department of Mathematics is actively involved in teaching and research activities and have
good communication with IIT Bombay, ICT Mumbai, University of Pune. Department has organized NCM sponsored ISL and IST programs, workshops, schools, trainings for teachers and students in different areas of Mathematics. In recent years Department has organized the NCM sponsored Instructional School for Lecturers (ISL) on Galois Theory (2014) and Instructional School for Teachers (IST) on Linear Algebra (2015).

This department also receives the Complimentary Book Scheme of NBHM, Department of Atomic Energy, Govt of India.

Institute is a research center for faculty under QIP scheme of HRD Ministry of Government of India. Schemes of NDF of AICTE, Vishweshwarayya Ph. D. scheme, Maulana Azad Scheme are the funded schemes for pursuing Ph. D. in the institute. Some of the notable funding agencies agencies to this institute are AICTE, DST, BARC, NRB, TEQIP-I,II,III (a world bank project).

The Institute has collaborations with a number of premier institutes (including foreign universities) and industries. Recently institute has signed MoUs for academic collaboration with Foreign Universities like CUNY CREST and Civil Engineering Department, The City University of New York, USA, Oakland University Michigan, USA, SAI Technologies, USA and Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia.

How to reach venue

If we draw a vertical line from Delhi and horizontal line from Mumbai, the point of intersectionis the Nanded City. In Nanded, SGGS Institute of Engineering and Technology is known as SGGSEngineering College, Vishnupuri, Nanded. The Institute is located at Vishnupuri. It is 10 Kms away from Nanded railway Station (Nanded railway station is named at Huzur Sahib Railway Station). This station has two sides namely ‘Gokul Nagar Side’ and ‘Main Side’. Main side is just beside to Platform no. 1. You ask for Main side (do not go to Gokul Nagar side). If you come out of railway station to the main side, you will get auto rickshaw stand. One can ask auto rickshaw driver to take you to SGGS Engineering College Vishnupuri. It will cost you Rs. 100 (maximum) for single. In group, it cost Rs. 25/-. Auto rickshaw’s are available easily everywhere in Nanded. All outstation participants will be accommodated in the college campus (hostels/guest house). The weather will in Nanded in the month of May will be very hot. However, we have ACs in the lecture hall and coolers in the hostels/guest house.

Preparation for the program:
  • All registered participants are advised to book their forward journey tickets at an appropriate time, in anticipation of being selected. This will save them from being disappointed by not getting the ticket later.
  • Participants are also advised to  prepare the following materials before coming to the program:
  1. First 6 chapters of Artin's Algebra.
  2. First two chapters of Shastri's Complex Analysis.
  3. First three chapters of Simmon's  Topology and Modern Analysis