NCMW - Seshadri Constants (2019)

Venue: NISER Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Dates: 16 Dec 2019 to 21 Dec 2019



Prof. Indranil Biswas

Dr. Krishna Hanumanthu Dr. Ritwik Mukherjee
Mailing Address:

School of Mathematical Sciences, TIFR.

Associate Professor,

School of Mathematical Sciences, NISER
Email: indranil at krishna at ritwikm at

Please Note:  Participants have to arrange for their own travel.

Brief description about the school: Seshadri constants are invariants of line bundles on projective varieties which measure local positivity. They have emerged as a fundamental concept in algebraic geometry. They were introduced by J.-P. Demailly, using the Seshadri criterion for ampleness, to measure the growth rate of tensor powers of an ample line bundle. Over the last thirty years, Seshadri constants have become an active area of research in the field of algebraic geometry.