Advanced Instructional Schools (AIS)

Guidelines for Advanced Instructional Schools (AIS)

Advanced Instructional Schools are organised for those students who have undergone training in the Annual Foundation Schools or who have studied the topics taught in these schools. An AIS is normally devoted to one subject or two inter-related subjects. The duration of any Advanced Instructional School will be 18 working days. These are organised during the months of May, June, July and December. An AIS is like a Ph.D. course and it assumes the contents covered in the three Annual Foundation Schools. The syllabus of each AIS is designed by the organisers.

A typical AIS features 6 minicourses of 6 lectures each. Each speaker is supposed to deliver at least 6 lectures and conduct two tutorials of two hours each.


A Model for Daily Schedule for an AIS
9.30-11.00 11.00-11.30 11.30-1.00 1.00-2.30 2.30-3.30 3.30-4.00 4.00-5.00   5.00-5.30
Lecture 1 Tea Lecture 2 Lunch Tutorial Tea Tutorial Snacks