TEW Real Complex & Functional Analysis (2018) - Speakers and Syllabus

This Teachers’ Enrichment Workshop is especially meant for Post Graduate and Under Graduate Mathematics teachers. Research scholars in Mathematics may also apply. The sessions will be aimed at improving the understanding of fundamental concepts in real, complex and functional analysis and applying that understanding to solve problems. The workshop will be an intensive one and only those who are willing to work hard and actively participate are encouraged to apply.


Speaker Affiliation Topic(s) Number of lecture hours Number of tutorial hours
A. K. Mishra IMA, Bhubaneswar Functional Analysis:-
Basic notions with emphasis on examples of normed
spaces, Banach spaces, Hilbert spaces. Definition and important properties of bounded linear
operators and bounded linear functionals defined on these spaces.
Reference book: Introductory Functional Analysis with Applications by E. Kreyszig,
9 6
K. Srinivas IMSc, Chennai Complex Analysis:- Elementary properties and examples of analytic functions,
the exponential, logarithmic function and trigonometric functions, linear fractional transformations.
Reference book : Complex Analysis by S. Lang.
9 6
Tarakanta Nayak IIT Bhubaneswar Real Analysis:-Definition and properties of Continuous functions,
Uniformly continuous functions, discontinuous functions, mean-value theorem and its applications.
Reference books: Introduction to Real Analysis by Robert G. Bartle and Donald R. Sherbert,
A basic course in Real Analysis by Ajit Kumar and S. Kumaresan.
9 6

 Time Table:-

Time 09:30–11:00   11:15 to 12:45   14:00 to 15:30   15:45 to 16:45  
Tue 19th AKM   KS L TN   Tutorials S
Wed 20th AKM T KS U TN T Tutorials N
Thu 21st AKM E KS N TN E Tutorials A
Fri 22nd AKM A KS C TN A Tutorials C
Sat 23rd AKM   KS H TN   Tutorials K
Mon 25th AKM   KS   TN   Tutorials