ATMW Positive characteristic methods in commutative algebra (2017)- Selected Applicants

 Instructions for selected Applicants

  1. Participants must mail an e-ticket for onward and outward journey to Prof. J. K. Verma < > for confirming their participation by 28 Feb 2017 failing which, seats may be allotted to others.
  2. 100% Attendance during lectures and tutorials  is mandatory. 
  3. Accommodation details will appear on this web-page later. 
  4. Check-in is on 18th June after 12 pm and check out  by 1 july before noon.
  5. There is NO provision for  travel grant to participants.
  6. Bring your own notebooks, pens and books.
  7. Bring copies of the books by Atiyah-Macdonald, Matsumura and Bruns-Herzog. We shall assume all the chapters of Atiyah-Macdonald and basics of Cohen-Macaulay rings and Dimension Theory.
  8. There may be heavy rains during this period. Bring proper footwear suitable for rainy season and a good  umbrella or a raincoat.
  9. Rooms will be given on sharing basis. You may send an email to if you have preference for a room mate.
  10. Local participants should keep their hostel room.
  11. Local participants must arrange their own breakfast and dinner. They will  be provided with lunch and tea only.

    Accommodation details

  1. The male participants will be accommodated in Van Vihar Guest House.
  2. The female participants will be accommodated in Girls Hostel No. 10.
  3. Report to the reception desks in the respective places upon arrival.
  4. Accommodation is given only during 18-30 June.
  5. Breakfast and dinner will be available at the respective places where
    accommodation is arranged.
Sr. SID Full Name Gender Affiliation Position in College/ University University/Institute M.Sc./ M.A. Ph.D. Degree Date
1 9860 Mr. Sourjya Banerjee Male Indian Statistical Institute PhD University Of Calcutta  
2 9868 Ms. Kriti Goel Female IIT Bombay PhD IIT Bombay  
3 9931 Ms. Parangama Sarkar Female CMI Postdoc IIT Madras 6/3/2016
4 10075 Mr. Rajiv Kumar Male IIT Bombay PhD Guru Nanak Dev University  
5 10187 Mr. Sameer S Savkar Male Abeda Inamdar Senior College Assistant Professor University of Texas at Austin  
6 10213 Ms. Jai Laxmi Female IIT Bombay PhD Student University of Hyderabad  
7 10267 Ms. Sudeshna Roy Female IIT Bombay PhD Jadavpur University  
8 10406 Dr. Dipankar Ghosh Male CMI INSPIRE Faculty IIT Guwahati 8/13/2016
9 10864 Dr. Charu Goel Female IISER Mohali Postdoctoral Fellow Panjab University 8/1/2014
10 10889 Mr. Arvind Kumar Male IIT Madras PhD IIT MADRAS  
12 10894 Mr. Subhajit Chanda Male IIT Madras PhD IIT MADRAS  
13 10917 Mr. Selvaraja S Male IIT Madras PhD IIT Kanpur  
14 10950 Mr. Rajib Sarkar Male CMI PhD IIT Madras  
15 10966 Dr Ganesh S. Kadu Male Pune University Assistant Professor University of Pune 3/24/2011
16 10976 Mr. Aditya N K Subramaniam Male CMI Ph.D Student University of Pune  
17 10986 Ms Mitra Koley Female CMI PhD IIT Guwahati  
18 11021 Ms Arusha C Female IISER Bhopal PhD M.S University of Baroda  
19 11042 Mr. Dharm Veer Male CMI PhD CMI  
20 11116 Mr Dibyendu Mondal Male IIT Bombay PhD IIT Bombay  
21 10704 Mr. Ram Krishna Verma Male IIT Patna Ph.D Student University Of Lucknow  
22 11142 Mr Provanjan Mallick Male IIT Bombay Ph.D student IIT Madras  
23 11165 Mr Ashutosh Pandey Male IISER Bhopal integrated phd IISER Bhopal  
24 11221 Mr Neeraj Kumar Male IIT Bombay Postdoctoral fellow M.Sc 5/6/2014
25 11288 Mr. Buddhadev Hajra Male IIT Bombay Ph.D. IIT Bombay  
26 11429 Mr. Nilkantha Das Male NISER BHUBANESWAR PhD IIT Bombay  
27 11507 Ms. Sakshi Gupta Female IIT Gandhinagar Ph.D Scholar Panjab University, chandigarh  
28 10825 Mr. Shravan Ganesh Patankar Male CMI BSc CMI  
29 10210 Ms.Soumi Tikader Female Indian Statistical Institute KOLKATA PhD JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY  
31 13234 Dr. Sagnik Chakraborty Male Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata NBHM post-doctoral fellow Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata 30 Jul 2015
32 14187 Mr. Vivek Mukundan Male TIFR Mumbai Visiting Fellow IIT Madrass 10 Aug 2016