IST Linear Algebra - How to Reach

If we draw a vertical line from Delhi and horizontal line from Mumbai, the point of intersection is the Nanded City.In Nanded,  SGGS Institute of Engineering and Technology is known as SGGS Engineering College, Vishnupuri, Nanded. The Institute is located at Vishnupuri. It is 10Kms away from Nanded railway Station (Nanded railway station is named at Huzur Sahib Railway Station).  This station has two sides namely `Gokul Nagar Side' and `Main Side'. Main side is just beside to Platform no. 1. You ask for Main side (do not go to Gokul Nagar side). If you come out of railway station to the main side, you will get auto rickshaw stand. One can ask auto rickshaw driver to take you to SGGS Engineering College Vishnupuri.It will cost you Rs. 100 (maximum) for single. In group, it cost Rs. 25/-.Auto rickshaw's are available easily everywhere in Nanded.