ATMW Analytic Number Theory (2015)- Speakers and Syllabus

Sr. Name of the Speakers with their affiliation, who will cover each module of 6 lectures. No. of Lectures Detailed Syllabus
1 R. Balasubramanian (RB), IMSc, Chennai 6 Circle Method and its manifestations.
2 Anirban Mukhopadhyay (AM), IMSc, Chennai 4 Sieve Methods and their applications.
3 Kotyada Srinivas (KS) IMSc, Chennai 4 Riemann Hypothesis and its consequences.
4 Stephan Baier (SB) IISER, Trivandrum 4 The theory of exponential sums.

1. E. C. Titchmarsh: Theory of the Riemann zeta-function
2. Halberstam and Richert : Sieve Methods
3. Friedlander and Iwaniec : Opera de Cribro
4. Davenport and Tim Browning : Analytic methods in Diophantine equations and Diophantine inequalities
5. Montgomery and Vaughan : Multiplicative number theory

Names of the tutors / course associate with their affiliation :
1. Kamalakshya Mahatab (IMSc, Chennai)
2. Kasi Viswanadham (IMSc, Chennai)

Tentative time-table mentioning the names of speakers with their affiliation:

Day Date Speaker 1 (9.30–11.00) Tea (11.00–11.30) Speaker 2 (11.30–1.00) Lunch (1.00–2.00) Speaker 3 (2.00–3.30) Tea (3.30-4.00) Discussion (4.00-5.00) Snacks 5.00-5.30
    (name of the speaker         (name of the speaker)         (name of the speaker)                        
Mon 19.10.2015 SB RB KS
Tues 20.10.2015 SB RB KS
Wed 21.10.2015 SB RB AM
Thu 22.10.2015 SB RB AM
Fri 23.10.2015 AM RB KS
Sat 24.10.2015 AM RB KS