IST - Rings and Modules (2019)

How To Reach

How to reach North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong.

From Guwahati Airport: One can take a shared tourist taxi from the airport to Police Bazar, Shillong, the cost is Rs. 500/- per person. From Police Bazar, one can directly hire a local cab upto NEHU Campus, the cost is about Rs. 200/-. Or one can go from Police Bazar to Polo Bazar and then take a shared taxi to the campus.

Alternately, one can get down at District Commissioner Office, near Wards Lake and take a university bus or a shared taxi from the point opposite to Raj Bhavan upto NEHU Campus.

From Guwahati Railway station: One can take a shared tourist taxi, the cost is Rs. 300/- per person or one can take a shared sumo or a bus upto Police Bazar and follow the same route as above.

From Shillong airport: There are local cabs available from Shillong airport upto Police Bazar, Shillong.

Contact Numbers for further assistance:

  1. Dr. A.M. Buhphang – (O) 0364-2722720, (M) 9436161409, (M) 8414033829.

  2. Mr. Soumitra Das – (M) 8974905463.