AIS - AIS Homotopy theory (2019)

Venue: Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

Dates: 13 May 2019 to 25 May 2019



Name: Samik Basu Somnath Basu
Mailing Address: Indian Statistical Institute,
203 BT Road, Kolkata -700108.
Department of Mathematics and Statistics,
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research,
Mohanpur 741246, West Bengal.
Email: samikbasu at basu.somnath at, somnath.basu at

The School is meant for PhD students working in Geometry and Topology. The topics may also interest students working in algebra and algebraic geometry especially those who are interested in homotopy theoretic techniques in these subjects. The participants must be familiar with basic Differential Topology (Chapter I and Chapter IV of Differential Topology by Guillemin and Pollack) and Algebraic topology (Basic knowledge of homotopy, fundamental groups, homology theory and cohomology theory).

Please Note:  Participants have to arrange for their own travel.