TEW - Multivariate Analysis and Linear Algebra (2024)

Venue: Guwahati University, Guwahati

Dates: 11 Mar 2024 to 16 Mar 2024


Name: Prof. Pratulananda Das  Prof. Bipan Hazarika
Mailing Address: Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Jadavpur University Kolkata - 700032
Professor in Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Guwahati University
Gopinath Bordoloi Nagar Guwahati
Assam 781014
Email: pratulananda at yahoo.co.in bh_rgu at yahoo.co.in


In this workshop we will deal with primarily to discuss topology and analysis of Rn and the basic linear algebra which all are parts of undergraduate syllabus. The main aim is to make the participants aware as how to introduce these topics to the students in interesting ways with lots of examples and to emphasis the interplay between the topics.

TEWs are meant for the local teachers. Therefore, accommodation charges are not applicable to the participants. Also, there is no provision for reimbursement of travel expenses to the participants in the NCM programmes.