NCMW - Introduction to Statistical Learning Techniques (2024)

Venue: ISI, Kolkata

Dates: 1 Jul 2024 to 13 Jul 2024


Name:  Dr. Soham Sarkar  Prof. Anil Kumar Ghosh
Mailing Address:  Indian Statistical Institute,
Delhi Centre, New Delhi-110016
 Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata-700108
Email:  sohamsarkar1991 at  anilkghosh at

This workshop is an advanced training program for the young college/university teachers, post-doctoral and senior Ph.D. students under the National Centre for Mathematics, Mumbai. The goal is to train the participants on some of the advanced methods of statistical learning and data analysis techniques. While the theoretical aspects of these new methods will be discussed in detail, their implementations will also be demonstrated using statistical softwares like R or Python. This will help the participants to handle different complex datasets, and will provide a rigorous training on advanced statistical methods.