NCMW - A Contemporary Course on Elliptic Partial Differential Equations (2024)

Venue: TIFR CAM, Bangalore

Dates: 20 May 2024 to 1 Jun 2024


Name: Prof. Ali Hyder Prof. Debabrata Karmakar
Mailing Address: TIFR CAM Bangalore TIFR CAM Bangalore
Email: hyder at debabrata at

This workshop aimed to provide an extensive yet concise course on contemporary methods in semi-linear elliptic partial differential equations for Ph.D. students from their second year onwards. The workshop covers the existence theory using variational and topological methods. It also focuses on the qualitative properties of solutions, such as their symmetry and regularity. In this work shop the attendees would have exposure to tools from geometric measure theory and harmonic analysis to study elliptic PDEs. We recommend that applicants have knowledge of basic measure theory, functional analysis, weak solutions to linear elliptic PDEs, and H^2- regularity theory to be eligible for the workshop.