TEW - Analysis and Topology (2023)

Venue: Ramkrishna Mission Vivekananda Centenary College Rahara, Khardaha

Dates: 6 Mar 2023 to 11 Mar 2023


Name: Prof. Pratulananda Das   Dr. Bikash Chakraborty
Mailing Address: Professor of Mathematics Department of Mathematics
Jadavpur University Kolkata - 700032
Assistant Professor in Mathematics Department of Mathematics
Ramkrishna Mission Vivekananda Centenary College Rahara, Khardaha
West Bengal Pin – 700118
Email: pratulananda at yahoo.co.in bikashchakrabortyy at gmail.com

In this workshop we will deal with multivariate calculus, complex analysis and metric space topology whichare generally taught in the second year second semester and third year in Mathematics honours courses. Themain aim is to make the participants aware as how to introduce these topics to the students in interesting wayswith lots of examples and to emphasis the interplay between the three topics. In addition to the basic ideas inthese topics, we will try to cover certain topics which are not usually dealt with properly, like equivalentcriteria for completeness and compactness in R with the usual topology, compactness and connectedness inmetric spaces, directional derivatives, derivative, implicit function theorem etc in two variable calculus and analytic functionsin complex analysis.