IST - Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems (2023)

Speakers and Syllabus


Sl No Name of the speaker and Affiliation
Topic of lectures Number of lectures with tutorials
1. Prof. Rajeev Bhaskaran (RB)
ISI Bangalore
General methods, Existence, uniqueness of solution, Picard'stheorem, Peano's theorem, scalar differential equations, system of differential equations, differential and integral inequalities, fixed point methods, linear systems, properties of linear homogeneous systems, inhomogeneous systems, behaviour of n-th order linear homogeneous equation, asymptotic behaviour. 6 lectures
(9 hours)
2. Dr. Kamna Porwal(KP)
IIT Delhi
Series solutions, solutions about ordinary points, about singular points, Frobenious series, Laplace transform, Fouriertransform, Application to differential equations, numerical solutions of ODE, Euler methods, Runge Kutta methods, error analysis, Multistep methods 6 lectures
(9 hours)
3. Dr. Syed Abbas (SA),
IIT Mandi
Stability, stability of linear systems, continuous dependenceand stability properties, linear systems, two dimensionalsystems, stability by Lyapunov method, autonomous and nonautonomous systems. 6 lectures
(9 hours)
4. Prof. Malay Banerjee (MB)
IIT Kanpur
Mathematical modelling, population dynamics, single speciesmodels, Lotka Volterra models, Infectious disease model, compartmental model, SIR, SEIR models, simulations using matlab multispecies model, nonautonomous systems, persistence, permanence, stability and bifurcation analysis, simulations using Matlab . 6 lectures
(9 hours)
5. Ganesh Satpute (GS) Course/Tutorial associates. 18 hours
(6 (S)+12(T))
6. Nikhil Chaurasia (NC) Course/Tutorialassociates 18hours
7. Shraddha Salwahan (SS) Course/Tutorialassociates 18hours
8. Shivam Mishra
Course/Tutorialassociates 18hours

Time Table

Tentative timetable

   Schedule for the first week
Date/Day 9:30 to 11:00    Tea Break    11:30 to 1: 00    Lunch Break    3:00 to 4:00   Tea Break   4:30 to 5:30
Day1 RB RB T1 RB, GS, SS T2 RB, GS, SS
Day2 RB RB T3 RB, GS, SS T4 RB, GS, SS
Day3 RB RB T5 RB, GS, SS T6 RB, GS, SS
Day4 KP KP T7 KB, GS, SS T8 KB, GS, SS
Day5 KP KP T9 KB, GS, SS T10 KB, GS, SS
Day6 KP KP T11 KB, GS, SS T12 GS, SS
   Schedule for the second week  
Day7 SA   Tea Break    SA   Lunch Break    T1 KP, NC, SM   Tea Break    T2 KP, NC, SM
Day8 SA SA T3 KP, NC, SM T4 KP, NC, SM
Day9 SA SA T5 KP, NC, SM T6 KP, NC, SM
Day10 MB MB T7 MB, NC, SM T8 MB, NC, SM
Day11 MB MB T9 MB, NC, SM T10 MB, NC, SM
Day12 MB MB T11 MB, NC, SM T12 MB, NC, SM


  • RB: Prof. Rajeev Bhaskaran
  • KP: Dr. Kamana Porwal
  • MB: Prof. Malay Banerjee
  • SA: Dr. Syed Abbas


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