IMW - OpenSource Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) (2023)

Venue: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai

Dates: 9 Jan 2023 to 13 Jan 2023


Name: Prof. Shivasubramanian Gopalakrishnan
Mailing Address: Professor
IIT Bombay (Mechanical)
Email:  sgopalak at

Please Note:

  • NCM Participants are requested to register in NCM website followed by registration in CEP website: (through Google Chrome browser).

  • Shortlisted NCM participants will have to pay nominal course fee of Rs 1000 + 18% (GST) = Rs 1180

  • Last Date of receiving online application from participants is 17 Dec 2022 for both NCM and CEP website

Background and Description: The use of OpenSource CFD in industry and academia has been growing rapidly the last decade. Many industries and government labs use it as a complement to the proprietary CFD tools, in order to reduce license costs and facilitate the usage of large computational resources. Some industries, and academia, use it because it facilitates the development of new functionalities throughout the entire code, without the limitation of specific modifications through user-defined functions. However, OpenSource CFD tools generally require more knowledge by the user than the proprietary alternatives. This is not necessarily a drawback, since although the proprietary alternatives are easier to use, the user should still have the same knowledge of the underlying methods in order to set up the simulations correctly and to assess the quality of the results. This course covers the basic knowledge that is needed to efficiently use OpenSource software for Computational Fluid Dynamic Applications.