IMW - Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (2023)

Venue: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai

Dates: 20 Feb 2023 to 24 Feb 2023


Name: Prof. Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan
Mailing Address: Professor
IIT Bombay (CSE)
Email: shivaram at

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Background and Description
The last decade has witnessed the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), which has not only driven technological progress in a variety of sectors, but has also entered our daily lives. This recent growth spurt of AI/ML owes in large part to the emergence of large data sets, along with cheap sensing and computing hardware. Yet, the remarkable successes of the field must also be attributed to its strong mathematical foundations, which have been developed for over half a century. To obtain a deep understanding of AI/ML technology, it is essential to become familiar with its mathematical underpinnings.

This course will discuss a variety of topics in AI/ML, in each case presenting a mathematical model and accompanying solutions. Tasks considered will include supervised learning with linear and non-linear models, unsupervised learning, on-line learning, search, and knowledge representation. In turn, these tasks will be modeled and solved using building blocks such as vectors, differential calculus, probability, optimisation, algorithms and proofs, and linear algebra.