TEW - Real Analysis, Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra (2022)

Venue: Online Mode, St. Joseph’s College

Dates: 17 Jan 2022 to 5 Feb 2022


Name: Prof. Manjunath Krishnapur Susobhan Mazumdar
Mailing Address: Department of Mathematics
IISC Bangalore
Department of Mathematics
St. Joseph’s College, (Autonomous), Bangalore
Email: manju at iisc.ac.in susobhan.sjc at gmail.com


In each of the courses, we will cover the basics of the subject and try to explain the most fundamental concepts well. It is expected that the audience has already seen the material in some form or the other, but by experience we know that many teachers might not have fully explored the meaning behind the concepts. Even some basic concepts like Cauchy sequences or linear transformations sometimes remains unclear. The main goal is to convey the underlying meaning behind these abstract-looking notions. In addition, we intend to have many tutorials/problem sessions to supplement the lectures. The goal of the workshop will be to bring the teachers to a level where they can solve problems at the level of JAM exam or the NBHM exam or NET exam and thus benefit the students as well. This program will have a considerable positive effect on students in many colleges/universities.