AIS - Representation Theory (2022)

Venue: CMI, Chennai

Dates: 20 Jun 2022 to 9 Jul 2022


Name: Prof. Amritanshu Prasad Prof. Upendra Kulkarni
Mailing Address: Professor H
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
CIT campus, Taramani, Chennai 600113
Chennai Mathematical Institute
H1, SIPCOT IT Park, Siruseri
Email:  amri at  upendra at


Representation Theory is the study realizations of groups as matrices. Having its origins in algebra and number theory, it is now a vast subject with links to Physics, Harmonic Analysis, Combinatorics, Chemistry, Differential Equations, Complexity Theory, etc.
This workshop will focus on the representation theory of finite groups. Assuming that participants are familiar with groups, rings, and modules, we will develop the basic character theory of representations in characteristic zero. We will also discuss techniques for constructing representations of groups, specially Clifford theory. We will discuss projective representations of finite groups, the Frobenius-Schur index, and end with an introduction to representation theory in positive characteristic.