AFS-I - Annual Foundation School - I (PY, 2022)

Venue: Pondicherry University, Puducherry

Dates: 30 May 2022 to 25 Jun 2022

Name: Dr Rajeswari Seshadri Dr. Krishna Hanumanthu
Mailing Address: Professor & Head, Department of Mathematics,
Pondicherry University, Puducherry
Associate Professor, Chennai Mathematical Institute,
Email: seshadrirajeswari at krishna at

This program is aimed at registered fresh Ph.D. students at various universities and institutions in the country.
Exceptional M.Sc. students with appropriate mathematical background may also be allowed. Preference in the selection for live sessions will be given to those candidates who have a valid research scholarship of one of NBHM, CSIR, UGC, GATE etc.
Recommending teachers are requested to ensure that the applicants are familiar with the contents of the following:

  1. First six chapters of Artin's Algbra. (as per the second edition).
  2. First three chapters of Simmon's book on Topology and Modern Analysis.
  3. First 2 chapters of Anant Shastri's book on Basic Complex Analysis of 1-variable.