TEW - Analysis and Algebra

Speakers and Syllabus

This Teachers’ Enrichment Workshop (TEW) is aimed primarily at mathematics teachers at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. While research scholars in mathematics may also apply, they will have lower preference
in selection. The sessions will be geared towards improving the understanding of the fundamental concepts and results in ANALYSIS and ALGEBRA. The workshop will be an intensive one and only those who are willing to actively participate and get their hands dirty by solving problems need apply.

Speaker Affiliation Topic(s) Number of
lecture hours
Number of
tutorial hours
Prof. B.Ramakrishnan HRI, Allahabad Real Analysis:-
Continuous functions, discontinuous functions, uniformly continuous functions, mean-
value theorem and its applications
8 2 (conduct) + 2 (assist)
Prof. R. Thangadurai HRI, Allahabad

Analytic functions:-
Exponential and logarithmic functions, linear fractional transformations.

8 2 (conduct) + 2 (assist)
Dr. V.P Ramesh CUTN, Thiruvarur

Ring Theory:-
Ideals, homomorphisms, sum and direct sum of ideals, maximal and prime ideals, principal
ideal domains and Euclidean domains.

8 2 (conduct) + 2 (assist)

Time Table

Time 09:30–11:00   11:30 to 13:00   14:00 to 15:00   15:15 to 16:15  
Mon 11th RT L1 T BR L1 L VPR L1 T RT/BR T1 S
Tue 12th RT L2 E BR L2 U VPR L2 E RT/VPR T2 N
Wed 13th VPR L3 A RT L3 N BR L3 A VPR/BR T3 A
Thu 14th VPR L4   RT L4 C BR L4   RT/VPR T4 C
Fri 15th BR L5   VPR L5 H RT L5   BR/VPR T5 K
Sat 16th BR L6   VPR L6   RT L6   RT/BR T6 S

RT = R. Thangadurai, BR = B. Ramakrishnan, VPR = V.P .Ramesh

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