AIS - AIS Graph Theory and Graph Algorithms (2019)

Venue: National Institute of Technology, Calicut

Dates: 17 Jun 2019 to 5 Jul 2019

This AIS  is a joint programme of NCM and ACM / NIT

Name: Venkatesh Raman Subashini R Subhasree Rajiv
Mailing Address: IMSc Chennai NIT Calicut NIT Calicut
Email: vraman at suba at subhasree.rajiv at

Please Note:  Participants have to arrange for their own travel.

Algorithms form the core of computing. This school that targets senior undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD students, will cover basic and  recent advanced topics in algorithms. More specifically we will start with basic graph algorithms including Graph searching algorithms, algorithms for shortest paths and spanning  trees.Then we will discuss the notion of NP-completeness and strategies to deal with NP-hard problems including approximation and parameterized complexity. We also hope to cover some topics in spectral graph theory.