TEW - Galois Theory (2019)

Venue: Bharathiar University, Coimbatore

Dates: 8 Jul 2019 to 13 Jul 2019


Name: Prof.  J.K. Verma Dr. R. Rakkiyappan
Mailing Address: Department of Mathematics,
IIT Bombay
Mumbai 400076.
Assistant Professor,
Department of Mathematics, BharathiarUniversity
Coimbatore 641 046
Email:  verma.jugal at gmail.com rakkigru at gmail.com

TEWs are meant only for the local teachers and therefore no travel and other hospitalities will be provided to the outstation participants.

Galois theory is an important topic in algebra which researchers across many fields of mathematics such as number theory, algebraic geometry    and algebra need to understand. It is not adequately covered in M. Sc. programmes. This workshop will cover essential topics in Galois theory which quickly lead to fundamental results and their applications to theory of equations.