IST - Representation Theory (of finite groups) (2019)

How To Reach

To get to the campus from Thampanoor Railway Station(Trivandrum Central)
The main Bus Station(Thampanoor Bus station) is opposite to this railway station. One can visit to know the bus timings, one can also go to the enquiry counter at the bus station. Vithura Bus can be usually found at 4,5 or 6. Bus Fare might be close to INR 50 from Thampanoor Bus station to Vithura.

If you are traveling from the air port,  then you can catch a taxi, which might cost approximaltely INR 1800 to reach Vithura campus. You can also catch a taxi from the airport and go to the Thampanoor Bus station, which will be much cheaper, and the cost of doing this wont be more than INR 200.