AIS - Geometric measure theory and PDE (2019)

Venue: IIT Madras, Chennai

Dates: 3 Jun 2019 to 15 Jun 2019

Name: Mythily Ramaswamy T V Anoop
Mailing Address:

Post Bag 6503, GKVK post,
Yelahanka, Bangalore 560065

Department of Mathematics
IIT Madras,

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 Please Note:  Participants have to arrange for their own travel.

This AIS aims to introduce the geometric measure theory and some application to PDE. In the first week  we recall some topics from the classical measure theory that are required for the subsequent week. Parallelly we introduce the Sobolev spaces and some results on embeddings. In the second week, topics like Hausdorff measure, isodiamtric inequalities, Area and Co-area formula will be introduced. Along with this, the theory of weak solutions for elliptic pdes will be taught.