AIS Differential Topology (2018) - How to Reach

Travel , Lodging and Boarding Instructions:

  1. Accommodation is booked at the Old NEHU Guest House, NEHU Campus, Shillong, with effect from July 01 to July 22, 2018.
  2. After reaching Guwahati Airport / Railway station take a shared taxi or Sumo to Shillong.
  3. Normally the shared taxis (Rs. 500/- / Rs. 300/- per head) or Sumos (Rs. 150/- per head) drop you at the Shillong City, but sometimes they agree to drop you at NEHU on some extra charge.
  4. If they drop you at the Shillong city, you have to hire a local taxi to come to NEHU, which may charge you Rs. 200/- or so.
  5. If they agree to drop you at NEHU with extra charge, may be around Rs. 200/-, well and good.
  6. On reaching NEHU Gate no. 2 you instruct the Taxi / Sumo to drop you at Old NEHU Guest House, the security personnel at the gate can give directions to go to the Old Guest House.
  7. Carry an umbrella and/or a raincoat because you will be at the peak of the rainy season.
  8. Bring a pullover because temperature varies quite a bit.
  9. Although the guest house provide mosquito repellant (dependent on electricity), it is always good to carry your own mosquito repellant (independent of electricity), in case power goes off in the night. But don’t get overmuch alarmed because there are not too many mosquitoes in Shillong.
  10. Venue of the lectures will be Physical Sciences Lecture complex, NEHU, Shillong,which is at a ten minutes walking distance from the Old NEHU Guest house.
  11. Breakfast and dinner will be served at the guest house. Lunch on Sundays will be served at the guest house with prior notice.
  12. On working days during July 02 to July 21, 2018, lunch and session tea/coffee shall be served at the lecture complex itself.

Important telephone numbers:

  • Old NEHU guest House : 0364-272- 2057/2058
  • Himadri Kumar Mukerjee : 09435118439
  • Angom Tiken Singh . : 09863020648
  • Ardeline Mary Buhphang: 09436161409
  • Sainkupar Mn Mawiong: 09863022257
  • Ph. Chinglensana : 09402951147
  • Michael George (Liaison Officer at the Guwahati Airport): 09435547335 / 09864018246