AIS Basic Algebraic Geometry (2018) - Selected Applicants

  1. The following selected applicants are required to confirm their participation by email attaching a scan / picture of their journey ticket  to email should be addressed to last date for receiving confirmations is 25th May, 2018. After that date, depending on the number of confirmations received, a second list of selecte applicants may be displayed with further instructions.
  2. The syllabus of the School is Chapter 1 of the book 'Algebraic Geometry' by R. Hartshorne, Springer Verlag 1977.
  3. The selected students should begin a self-study of the material, and try to solve the exercises at the end of each section. More instructions will be given later.''
Sr. SID Full Name Gender Affiliation Position in College/ University University/ Institute M.Sc./ M.A. Year of Passing M.Sc./ M.A Phd. Deg. Date
1 20176 Mr. Sourjya Banerjee Male ISI Kolkata PhD University Of Calcutta 2016  
2 20319 Mr. Dwaipayan Mazumder Male Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute, Belur, WB PhD CMI 2016  
3 20371 Ms. Rakhi Pratihar Female IIT BOMBAY PhD Jadavpur University 2016  
4 20421 Ms. Dyuti Roy Female IISER Tirupati PROJECT ASSISTANT V.N.I.T 2015  
5 20438 Mr. Aritra Ghosh Male ISI, Kolkata PhD RKMVU 2016  
6 20465 Mr Soumik Ghosh Male ISI, Kolkata Student      
7 20536 Mr Rajat Kumar Mishra Male IISER Kolkata BS-MS student      
8 20684 Mr. Soham Mondal Male IIT Madras PH.D VISVA-Bharati 2017  
9 20693 Mr. Harshit Jitendra Motwani Male IIT KGP Integrated MSc Student      
10 20763 Mr Subhasis Panda Male IIT Madras. PhD University of Hyderabad 2015  
11 20886 Ms. Aarti Keshorao Patle Female Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur PhD Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur 2014  
12 20958 Ms Pratiksha Satish Shingavekar Female IIT Madras 1st yr PhD student SP Pune University 2017  
13 20961 Mr. Ayush Jaiswal Male IIT, Gandhinagar PhD Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 2015  
14 20962 Mr. Manish Kumar Male ISI , Bangalore student      
15 20963 Mr. Neelarnab Raha Male CMI B.Sc. Student (Outgoing Batch)      
16 21007 Ms Aratrika Pandey Female TIFR centre for applicable Msc student TIFR centre for applicable    
17 21073 Ms. Pranjal Pandurang Warade Female ISI, Bangalore BSc (Research) student      
18 21088 Ms Maria Ann Mathew Female IIT Bombay Ph.D. IIT Delhi 2013  
19 21089 Mr. Anand Uday Chitrao Male TIFR PhD student   Awaiting Result  
20 21104 Mr. Sanjeet Maisnam Male IISER Kolkata BS-MS Student IISER Kolkata 2018  
21 21115 Mr. Chaitanya Tappu Male Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
22 21116 Mr. Philip Koppara Thomas Male IISc, Bangalore BSc (Research) student None    
23 21119 Mr. Arindam Mukherjee Male IIT Madras MSc Student IIT Madras Awaiting Result  
24 21122 Mr. Debjit Basu Male IISER Mohali Int. Ph.D. Student IISER Mohali Awaiting Result  
25 21143 Mr. Sayantan Khan Male Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore UG Student      
26 21159 Ms Ritika Nair Female IIT Bombay MSc Student IIT Bombay 2018  
27 21162 Mr. Venkitesh Srihari Iyer Male IIT Bombay PhD IIT Bombay 2015  
28 21197 Mr. Sameer Kulkarni Male TIFR Mumbai PhD student IISER Pune 2016  
 29  20475  Mr. Naageswaran M  Male CMI MSc Student  Chennai Mathematical Institute    
30  20589  Mr. Subhojit Mandal  Male IISER Tirupati Project Assistant  Universityof  Hyderabad 2016  
31 20584 Sourav Ghosh Male Chennai Mathematical Institute  BSc Student