AFS -II (2018) Assam - Selected Applicants

 General Instructions:

  1. All selected candidates are required to confirm their participation on or before March 30 , 2018, by sending the scanned copy of their forward train/air journey tickets wherever applicable, to the following emails ,,
  2. After the dead line is over, all the wait-listed candidates are also entitled to send their confirmation and the selection will be on first-cum-first serve basis of receiving confirmation.
  3. All in all, no more than 37 candidates will be allowed.
  4. All selected outstation candidates will be accommodated at students hostel of Assam University. Lodging and boarding will be free of cost.
  5. No travel allowance is permissible
  6. Selection status will appear on the webpage, from time to time. No need to keep asking about it through email.
  7. In the month of June the weather will be hot and humid, temperature will be around 36-37 degree Celsius. Heavy downpour is likely to occur during summer. Thus participants are requested to bring umbrellas with them.
  8. We shall assume that candidates are familiar with the material covered in AFS-I syllabus. .
  9. For any further clarification please contact
  • Prof. S. Behera (Mobile: 9435073898)
  • Dr. Uday Shankar Chakraborty (Mobile: 9401440166)
  • Mr. Naba Kanta Sarma (Mobile: 7002794523)
  • Dr. A. Tiken Singh (Mobile: 9863020684)
Sr.n SID Full Name Gender Affiliation Position in College/University University/Institute M.Sc./M.A. Year of Passing M.Sc./ M.A C.P
1 17297 Ms. Monica Premini P J Female Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics MSc Student Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics Appeared y
2 17298 Mr. Shivam Omar Male University Of Allahabad Research scholar C. S. J. M. UNIVERSITY KANPUR 2011 y
3 17299 Mr. Giftson Santhosh.P Male Not applicable   Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics 2017  
4 17300 Mr. Arnab Bhattacharjee Male Assam University PhD Student Assam University 2013 y
5 17308 Mr. Angit S Male BHU PhD SOUTH ASIAN UNIVERSITY 2016 y
6 17314 Mr. Sudip Pandit Male IIT ,Gandhinagar MSc student IIT GANDHINAGAR 2018  y
7 17318 Ms. Lavanya V Salian Female Poornaprajna Post Graduate Centre Lecturer Mangalore University 2015  
8 17325 Mr. H Imo Mani Singha Male Assam University Silchar MPhil Assam University 2015 y
9 17339 Ms. Amitha Shaji Female St Berchmans College Autonomous MSc student St Berchmans College 2017  
10 17347 Mr Rahul Dutta Male Tezpur University MSc Student Tezpur University. 2018 y
11 17353 Ms Nabanita Konwar Female North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology Ph.D Gauhati University 2010 y
12 17361 Mr Pradipkumar Laishram Male Manipur University PHD MANIPUR UNIVERSITY 2017 y
13 17401 Mr. Mohan Raj Male Ramanujan Institute for Advanced study in mathematics MSc Student Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics 2017  
14 17407 Mr. Laba Kr. Das Male National Institute of Technology PhD Gauhati University 2016 y
15 17408 Mr Pankaj Kumar Male Banaras Hindu University PhD Banaras Hindu University/M.Sc. 2015  y
16 17421 Mr. Pawan Kumar Male University of Allahabad PhD CSJM University Kanpur 2011  y
17 17456 Mr. Sk Rabiul Islam Male IIT PATNA PHD STUDENT IIT KANPUR 2016  
18 17471 Mr. Arvind Kumar Yadav Male Raja Singh College Siwan/JPV Chapra Bihar Assistant Professor SNC Azamgarh/VBSPU Jaunpur 2012 y
19 17537 Mr Sumukha S Male National Institute of Technology, Karnataka PhD Student Mangalore University- MSc 2017 y
20 17545 Mr Nongthombam Dhyanchand Male Assam University PhD Assam University 2013 y
21 17594 Mr. Puneet Kumar Gupt Male University Of Lucknow PhD University of Lucknow 2012  y
22 17609 Ms. Sehra Sahu Female National Institute of Technology, Surathkal PhD Student Central University of Karnataka 2016 y
23 17679 Mr. Muhammed Dilshah U Male IISER Thiruvananthapuram Student IISER Thiruvananthapuram    
24 17744 Mr. Anil Singh Male University of Jammu PhD University of Jammu 2012  
25 17769 Mr. Yogendra Sahu Male ISI Delhi Research project M.Sc. 2017  
26 17786 Mr Rahul Maurya Male IIT Allahabad Ph.D Banaras Hindu University 2014 y
27 17787 Mr. Mani Shankar Pandey Male IIIT Allahabad PhD University of Lucknow 2015 y
28 17795 Mr. Swapan Kumar Jana Male University of Calcutta PhD Student Presidency University 2015 y
29 17803 Ms. Priyanka Singh Female Dr. Harisingh Gour University PhD Dr. Harisingh Gour Central University 2015  
30 17804 Ms. Chethana R V Female St Philomena College, Puttur Assistant professor Mangalore University 2016 y
31 17831 Mr Prasad H M Male Mangalore University Assistant professor Mangalore University 2014  y
32 17839 Mr Munnu Sonkar Male IIT Hyderabad PhD IIT Hyderabad 2015  y
33 17852 Ms. Aarti Keshorao Patle Female Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur PhD Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur 2014  
34 17868 Mr. Rahul Arora Male Malwa College Assistant Professor S.C.D Government College 2008  
35 17920 Mr. Ayush Jaiswal Male Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar PhD Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 2015  
36 17936 Mr. Pravesh Sharma Male North Eastern Hill University PhD student North Eastern Hill University 2016 y
37 17984 Mr. Shesh Kumar Pandey Male University of Delhi PhD M.Sc. 2014  
 Waiting   List 
1 17626 Ms Sonal Gupta Female IIT (BHU) Varanasi PhD IIT Delhi 2017  
2 17886 Ms. Parnashree Ghosh Female Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur MSc student IIT Kharagpur    
3 17454 Mr. Sayantan Maity Male IIT Patna Ph.D student IIT kanpur 2016  
4 17909 Mr. Suman Sarkar Male NIT Rourkela PhD NIT Durgapur 2017  
5 17789 Mr. Harendra Verma Male University of Lucknow Research Scholar University of Lucknow, Lucknow 2015  y
6 17599 Mrs. Madhumita Roy Female IIT Kharagpur MSc Student IIT Kharagpur 2018  y
7 17486 Mr. Arun Kumar Male University Of Allahabad Phd University OF ALLAHABAD 2016  y
8 17365 Mr. Gautam Kumar Male IIT Hyderabad PhD IIT Bombay 2015  
9 17863 Ms Najiya K Z Female IIT Hyderabad PhD student M.Sc 2017  y
10 17445 Ms. Palak Arora Female Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad PhD Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati 2017  y
11 17814 Ms. Dyuti Roy Female IISER-TIrupati Project Assistant V.N.I.T, Nagpur 2015  
12 17409 Miss Manpreet Kaur Female Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology PhD Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology 2017  
13 17946 Ms. Prajnya Parimita Patel Female national institute of tecnology rourkela PhD IIT(ISM) DHANBAD 2017  
14 17812 Ms. Sharmila Parmar Female NIT Rourkela MSc STUDENT NIT Rourkela 2017  
15 17638 Mr. Kamlesh Raghuwanshi Male National Institute of Technology MSc Student NIT Rourkela 2018  
16 17807 Mr. Prem Dagar Male NIT Rourkela Msc Student NIT Rourkela 2017  
17 17458 Mr. Cyril J Jacob Male SB College, Changanasserry Affiliated to MG University MSc Student SB College, Changanasserry Appeared  
18 17713 Mr. Subham Bhakta Male Chennai Mathematical Institute MSc Student Chennai Mathematical Institute 2018  
19 17969 Mr. Vipul Arora Male Indian Institute of Science PhD Student Chennai Mathematical Institute 2017  
20 17837 Mr. Vikash Kumar Gupta Male IIT Hyderabad PhD Banaras Hindu University 2015  
21 17592 Ms. Sulakhana Chowdhury Female IISER Integrated PhD IISER Thiruvananthapuram Appeared  
22 17313 Mr Karthick G Male Barathidasan University PhD Jamal mohamed college 2017  
23 17507 Mr Mohan P Male Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics MSc Student Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics Appeared  
24 17815 Mr. Kshitij Pratap Singh Male Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur Student      
25 17866 Mr. Sudhakar Baskar Male Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics M.SC STUDENT Ramanujan Insitute for Advanced Study in Mathematics 2018  
 * CP- Confirmed Participants